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"Born from Restlessness": A Conversation with Rayda Jacobs
World Literature Today (2010)
  • Daniel Lehman, Ashland University
An interview with South African writer Rayda Jacobs is presented. When asked about the use of polarities in her work, Jacobs comments on the plot and themes of the book "The Middle Children." Jacobs addresses other books, including "Masquerade," "Confessions of a Gambler," and "Postcards From South Africa." Other topics include the influence of films on literature, the theme of religion in literature, and the motif of race
  • Rayda Jacobs,
  • race in literature,
  • south african fiction
Publication Date
November, 2010
Citation Information
Daniel Lehman. ""Born from Restlessness": A Conversation with Rayda Jacobs" World Literature Today Vol. 84 Iss. 6 (2010)
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