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Psalm 78:1-8 As a Musical Intertext of Torah and Wisdom
Bibliotheca Sacra
  • Daniel J. Estes, Cedarville University
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By means of connections with both Torah and Wisdom literature, Psaim 78:1-8 introduces the psalm’s recounting of Israel’s history, framing it as a wisdom text whose purpose is to teach readers and transmit knowledge of and faith in Yahweh to the following generation. In addition to its intertextuality, its characteristics as poetry and as song also contribute to its effectiveness in shaping the values of its readers and singers.

  • Psalms,
  • Torah,
  • wisdom
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Daniel J. Estes. "Psalm 78:1-8 As a Musical Intertext of Torah and Wisdom" Bibliotheca Sacra Vol. 173 (2016) p. 297 - 314
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