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A Method to Negotiating International Business Contracts (2015)
  • Daniel H Erskine
Whether you small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) is already in the export market place or planning to enter into foreign trade, increased exports can buttress your SME. So, how do SMEs effectively negotiate in the international market?  Equipping oneself with a negotiation strategy permits SMEs to maximize benefits and foster relationships—if you use the appropriate method of negotiation. What is the negotiation method SMEs should arm itself with to reach an agreement with a foreign company?  This article sets out a negotiation strategy, which SMEs may use to effectively enter into the export business and conclude an international agreement.
  • negotiation,
  • international,
  • SME,
  • business
Publication Date
Spring April 30, 2015
Citation Information
Daniel H Erskine. "A Method to Negotiating International Business Contracts" (2015)
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