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Evaluating EU policies on public services: A Citizens' Approach
Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics (2010)
  • Judith Clifton
  • Daniel Díaz-Fuentes

This article evaluates EU policies on public services – particularly public network services - from the citizens´ point of view. It is first argued that citizens´ perceptions are important because the provision of fundamental services is at stake and because they constitute the infrastructure necessary for social and economic development. Citizens’ “voice” can, therefore, be known, analysed and used in the design of improved policy on public services along with other indicators. Changing EU policy on public services is synthesised and classified into two main phases in section two. Citizen satisfaction with public services as revealed through surveys from 1997 to 2007 is explored in the third section. In the discussion, the prospects for EU policy on public services are considered and, it is argued that, from the perspectives of subsidiarity and proportionality, policy towards strengthening the common market is being increasingly uploaded to the supranational level in the form of directives, whilst cohesion and redistribution policies are being downloaded to the national level or dealt with at the supranational level by “soft” instruments.

  • Public Services,
  • Evaluation,
  • Citizens,
  • European Union,
  • Privatization,
  • Liberalization
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Judith Clifton and Daniel Díaz-Fuentes. "Evaluating EU policies on public services: A Citizens' Approach" Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics Vol. 81 Iss. 2 (2010)
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