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Contemporary Societies: Problems And Prospects
CRVAW Faculty Book Gallery
  • Daniel J. Curran, St. Joseph's University
  • Claire M. Renzetti, St. Joseph's University
In editing this book, one of our primary concerns was to assist students in developing a structural analysis of the serious social problems they repeatedly hear about on television, in political campaigns, and in newspapers, and more importantly, that some may experience in their everyday lives. We wanted to help them see the personal as political, so that they could critically evaluate the structural causes of these problems and, in turn, begin to conceive of structural or collective actions to solve them. Consequently, readers will find in the chapter introductions in this book and in the readings themselves a strong critical or conflict orientation, with an emphasis on he roles of particular social institutions and normative policies and procedures in the generation and perpetuation of social problems. In addition, a major theme of the text is the global reach of social problems. (Description from Google Books)
Publication Date
Prentice Hall

Dr. Daniel Curran and Dr. Claire Renzetti were editors of this book.

Dr. Claire Renzetti had not been a faculty member of the University of Kentucky at the time of publication.

Citation Information
Daniel J. Curran and Claire M. Renzetti. "Contemporary Societies: Problems And Prospects" Englewood Cliffs(1994)
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