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Moore's Federal Practice (2018 edition)
  • Daniel R Coquillette, Boston College Law School
Professor Coquillette has served as editor of Moore's Federal Practice for all new editions and updates since 1997.

Moore's Federal Practice is the backbone of any federal litigator's library. Comprehensive and authoritative, Moore's is written by the judges, lawyers, and professors who write and amend the Federal Rules, and is LexisNexis Matthew Bender's flagship treatise on federal civil, criminal, appellate, and admiralty procedure.

The first edition of this venerable work was written by the late Professor James William Moore, one of the original drafters of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, in 1938. From its initial publication, Moore's instantly became, and remains today, the standard reference work on federal court procedure and has been cited thousands of times in federal court decisions.

This latest edition represents a complete overhaul of the classic work, authored by over 50 distinguished federal judges, law professors, and practitioners, including many who, like Professor Moore, have been directly involved in the federal rulemaking process. Moore's 32 volumes include the full text of the federal rules along with extensive commentary and analysis of the rules and cases interpreting the rules.

The publication reflects recent style and time-computation amendments to the federal rules, as well as significant amendments to Civil Rules 26 and 56. Case law developments in evolving areas such as electronic discovery, pleading standards, and class actions are addressed in depth.
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Daniel R Coquillette. Moore's Federal Practice (2018 edition). New York, NY(2018)
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