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Lawyers and Fundamental Moral Responsibility
  • Daniel R Coquillette, Boston College Law School
  • R. Michael Cassidy, Boston College Law School
  • Judith A McMorrow, Boston College Law School

The materials in this book are organized around specific problems designed to encourage and focus class discussion. There are two other inherent organizing principles of the materials in this book. First, the philosophical materials are in the rough order in which the ideas themselves evolved in the history of philosophy. The materials have been revised since the book first was published in 1995 to address some of the burning ethical problems of our day, including terrorism, national security, and abuse of government power. The Second Edition also is reorganized to assist students to better appreciate philosophical theories underpinning discourse about ethics and attorney conduct.

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LexisNexis/Matthew Bender
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Daniel R Coquillette, R. Michael Cassidy and Judith A McMorrow. Lawyers and Fundamental Moral Responsibility. 2nd ed.New Providence, NJ(2010)
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