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Sulfur Emerges as a Nutritional Issue in Iowa Alfalfa Production
Better Crops
  • John E. Sawyer, Iowa State University
  • Brian J. Lang, Iowa State University
  • Daniel W. Barker, Iowa State University
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Sulfur is often classified as a “secondary” essential element, mainly due to a smaller plant requirement, but also because it is less frequently applied as a fertilizer compared to N, P, and K. This has certainly been the case in Iowa, where research had not documented S deficiency or fertilization need for optimal crop production. However, if deficient, S can have a dramatic effect on plant growth and crop productivity – more than the classification “secondary” would imply.

This article is from Better Crops 95 (2011): 6. Posted with permission.

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John E. Sawyer, Brian J. Lang and Daniel W. Barker. "Sulfur Emerges as a Nutritional Issue in Iowa Alfalfa Production" Better Crops Vol. 95 Iss. 2 (2011) p. 6 - 7
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