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Manure Storage & Handling—Aeration Overview
Agriculture and Environment Extension Publications
  • Daniel S. Andersen, Iowa State University
  • Jay D. Harmon, Iowa State University
  • Steven J. Hoff, Iowa State University
  • Angela M. Rieck-Hinz, Iowa State University
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Aeration is the process of mixing air into the manure to promote the growth of aerobic bacteria. Oxygen must be supplied either naturally, mechanically through mixing, or using oxygen diffusion systems. This technology can provide dramatic odor reduction from livestock waste management facilities, but has not found frequent application in agriculture due to intensive energy use and resulting added utility costs.This fact sheet is part of the Air Management Practices Assessment Tool (AMPAT) developed at Iowa State University and funded by the National Pork Board. Additional resources can be found on the AMPAT web page at:
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Air Management Practices Assessment Tool (AMPAT)
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Iowa State University Extension and Outreach
  • Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering,
  • Farm Management,
  • Manure and Air Quality

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Daniel S. Andersen, Jay D. Harmon, Steven J. Hoff and Angela M. Rieck-Hinz. "Manure Storage & Handling—Aeration Overview" Ames, IA(2014)
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