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Social ties are the engine of resilience
Crisis Response Journal (2018)
  • Daniel P Aldrich, Northeastern University
  • Danae Metaxa, Stanford University
  • Paige Maas
Many deaths that occur during events such as flooding, fires, hurricanes and mudslides, could be prevented by leaving vulnerable areas, but people don’t always move, even after receiving evacuation orders or warnings of imminent risk. To understand why, the authors worked with Facebook to understand evacuation patterns based on the structure of people’s social networks before, during and after hurricanes. We found that social networks, especially connections to those beyond immediate family, influence decisions to leave or stay in place before disasters.
  • social capital,
  • evacuation,
  • Facebook,
  • quantitative data
Publication Date
August, 2018
Citation Information
Daniel P Aldrich, Danae Metaxa and Paige Maas. "Social ties are the engine of resilience" Crisis Response Journal Vol. 13 Iss. 4 (2018) p. 92 - 93
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