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Neurocognitive, genetic and environmental risk factors of learning disorders in children
Project Summaries
  • BrainsCAN , Western University, BrainsCAN , Western University
  • Marc Joanisse, Western University
  • Daniel Ansari, Western University
  • Lisa Archibald, Western University
  • Elizabeth Hayden, Western University
  • Janis Oram Cardy, Western University
  • Ryan Stevenson, Western University
  • Jeffrey Gruen, Western University

Our research has already uncovered a range of behavioural and neural factors that can differentiate between children whose development is impaired and those whose development is progressing typically. Intriguingly, our recent findings have also suggested that multiple learning disorders are often present in children with general cognitive difficulties like autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. However, a common feature of research in this area is that of a ‘distinct syndrome’ approach, only studying childhood disabilities separately.

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Western Faculty, Group or Institution

Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences

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BrainsCAN , Western University, Marc Joanisse, Daniel Ansari, Lisa Archibald, et al.. "Neurocognitive, genetic and environmental risk factors of learning disorders in children" London(2018)
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