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Unpublished Paper
Linguistic Biases in News Media Reporting Within a Transnational Context
Mass Communication (2016)
  • D'Andre D Lampkin, National University
The purpose of this research project is to compare and contrast the way in which American media reports national incidents and events occurring in other parts of the world. This paper also endeavors to expose readers to how we define major news and apply exceptions to protect national interest and shape how the United States is perceived around the world. Also included is an examination of highly publicized, or “Breaking News” stories, and how they have had an impact on modern democracy.
  • breaking news,
  • media bias,
  • news,
  • news media,
  • modern democracy,
  • american media,
  • national media,
  • international media,
  • Aljazeera
Publication Date
Spring June, 2016
Citation Information
D'Andre D Lampkin. "Linguistic Biases in News Media Reporting Within a Transnational Context" Mass Communication (2016)
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