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Unpublished Paper
Restorative Justice Model Of Mental Health Courts
Mental Health (2016)
  • D'Andre D Lampkin, National University
The purpose of this essay is to discuss the role Mental Health Courts have played and continue to play in the judicial system. The paper will also address the pros and cons of mental health courts and results of their existence as they relate to steering wards of the court to appropriate treatment.
  • criminal justice,
  • restorative justice,
  • mentally ill,
  • department of mental health,
  • judicial activism,
  • mental health,
  • psychiatric treatment,
  • treatment,
  • involuntary hold,
  • 5150 WIC,
  • courts,
  • judicial system,
  • los angeles police department,
  • los angeles county,
  • superior court,
  • criminal court
Publication Date
Spring April, 2016
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D'Andre D Lampkin. "Restorative Justice Model Of Mental Health Courts" Mental Health (2016)
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