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Where Do You Belong: The Reign of Pluralism in the United States Government
bepress (2016)
  • D'Andre Devon Lampkin
The purpose of this research project is the introduce readers to the term pluralism and its rise in American government. Pluralism is a philosophical term introduced in the course, Introduction to psychology. It is described as a relationship between individuals and governments, multiple government, and groups. This research project will endeavor to show that the United States government and its social contract is not one that serves the wants and needs of the individuals citizen, as the constitution suggest, but the wants and needs of powerful groups. It will also explore concepts of pluralism and attempt to describe how those concepts apply to the United States government while providing examples of individuals and contemporary organizations that facilitate the rise of pluralism in the United States.
  • pluralism,
  • united states government,
  • politics,
  • vote,
  • electoral college,
  • primaries,
  • republic,
  • republican,
  • democrat,
  • social class,
  • socialism,
  • capitalism,
  • philosophy,
  • special interest,
  • organizations,
  • oil,
  • OPEC,
  • insider groups,
  • API,
  • New York Taxi Workers Alliance,
  • National Rifle Association,
  • Agriculture & Trade Policy,
  • Super PAC
Publication Date
Winter January 3, 2016
Citation Information
D'Andre Devon Lampkin. "Where Do You Belong: The Reign of Pluralism in the United States Government" bepress (2016)
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