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Functional Limitations in Older Patients Recovering from Coronary Artery Bypass
Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy (2003)
  • L. K. LaPier
  • Dana M. Howell, Eastern Kentucky University
Few studies have examined health-related quality of life (QoL) in patients during the first 3 months following cardiac surgery. The purposes of this study were to investigate QoL alterations and activities of daily living (ADL) performance in older patients acutely recovering from coronary artery bypass (CAB) surgery by comparing outcomes to a younger cohort and across time. We prospectively collected data on patients who had recently been discharged from the hospital following CAB surgery. Subjects were categorized as older if >/= 65 years of age and as younger if < 65 years of age. Assessment instruments included the RAND 36-Item Health Survey (36-IHS), a self-report measure of health-related QoL, and the Functional Status Index (FSI), a self-report measure of ADL performance. Descriptive statistics and frequencies were calculated for subject characteristics and outcome measures. Unpaired t-tests and chi square analysis were used to determine differences between groups. Older patients (n = 25) had a greater number of previous surgeries and comorbidities as compared to younger patients (n = 25). A greater percent of younger patients reported a decline in ADL ability in 2 FSI categories 2 weeks following CAB surgery. Younger patients demonstrated a greater decline in QoL scores as compared to the older patients for 2 categories. Older patients may have fewer opportunities to perform some tasks assessed in the FSI, and consequently report less difficulty or pain when performing those tasks. Older persons with a history of multiple disease processes may already have some impairment in physical function. Elderly persons without depression, who exercise regularly, and who have good social support, may have a good prognosis for recovery from CAB surgery.
  • Coronary Artery Bypass In Old Age,
  • Functional Status In Old Age,
  • Postoperative Period In Old Age,
  • Quality of Life Evaluation In Old Age
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L. K. LaPier and Dana M. Howell. "Functional Limitations in Older Patients Recovering from Coronary Artery Bypass" Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Vol. 14 Iss. 1 (2003)
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