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We are Waiting for You: The Discursive (De)construction of Belgrade Pride 2009
Sextures (2012)
  • Dana N. Johnson, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Drawing on both semiotic theory and critical discourse analysis, this paper will analyze three sites of the discursive construction of Belgrade Pride 2009. Through the close examination of disparate media that mesh images, text, and spoken word genres, I will identify the features of five separate discourses of Pride, showing how they were taken up (and legitimated or not), by whom, and how the identities of these participants are constructed vis-à-vis one another in relations of power. I argue that such an investigation can contribute to understanding how a result was achieved (the cancelation of Pride) that perpetuates the marginalization of Serbia’s LGBT population. In the wake of the first successful Belgrade Pride in October 2010, close analysis of such discursive sites remains critical to understanding (and affecting) the continuing struggle for LGBT rights in Serbia.

  • LGBT,
  • human rights,
  • discourse,
  • Pride,
  • Serbia
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Dana N. Johnson. "We are Waiting for You: The Discursive (De)construction of Belgrade Pride 2009" Sextures Vol. 2 Iss. 2 (2012)
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