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Parameters for Wh-Movement Types: Evidence from Child English
Natural Language & Linguistic Theory (1995)
  • Dana McDaniel, University of Southern Maine
  • Bonnie Chiu
  • Thomas L. Maxfield
A longitudinal study investigating wh-constructions in children ranging in age at outset from 2:11 to 5:7 indicated that, in addition to accepting English-type wh-movement, some children, for a time, also accept partial wh-movement, wh-coping, & wh-movement constructions that exist in such languages as German & Romani, where a wh-phrase occurs in a [-wh] SpecCP.
  • Grammatical Analysis,
  • English,
  • Child Language,
  • German,
  • Romany (Language)
Publication Date
November, 1995
Publisher Statement
Citation Information
Dana McDaniel, Bonnie Chiu and Thomas L. Maxfield. "Parameters for Wh-Movement Types: Evidence from Child English" Natural Language & Linguistic Theory Vol. 13 Iss. 4 (1995)
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