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Silencing the Self: Women and Depression
  • Dana C. Jack, Western Washington University
"This book is relevant to anyone grappling with the central challenge of relationships: how to achieve connections to others without losing oneself."--Deborah Tannen (author of You Just Don't Understand), New York Times Book Review
  • Female depression,
  • self-censoring,
  • suppression of anger
Publication Date
Harvard University Press
Publisher Statement
Paperback, 1992, Harper Collins. Translations: German: 1993 Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, Munich. Transl: Ilse Utz; French: 1993 Le Jour; Sogides. Transl: Marie Perron; Italian: 1996 La Tartaruga edizioni, Milano. Transl: Bianca Piazzese; Chinese 2000
Citation Information
Dana C. Jack. Silencing the Self: Women and Depression. (1991)
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