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The Evolution of Co-opetition in the Waipara Wine Cluster of New Zealand
Wine Economics & Policy (2013)
  • Leo Paul Dana
  • Julien Granata
  • Frank Lasch
  • Alan Carnaby, university of canterbury

The co-opetion literature has long focused on the explanatory variables for competitors engaging in cooperative relationships. Yet,there is a gap in understanding the evolution of coopetition. In this article, we re-visit an embryonic cluster in New Zealand and investigate changes over time. The paper examines a regional wine cluster against a background of industry restructuring, competition and internationalization. The study thus contributes to our understanding of the evolution of a regional wine cluster and its implications for wine business.The originality of the paper is twofold: first, the paper uses the co-opetition approach to provide a better understanding of cooperation and competition in clusters; second, there of observation is located in a market that literature qualifies (from a European viewpoint) as new world wine. The paper notes the growing importance of glocal perspectives in business and economic development. A point often neglected in contemporary research, we emphasise that geography and location matters for management and economic research.

  • Wine sector; Cluster; Evolution; Competition; Cooperation; Co-opetition
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Leo Paul Dana, Julien Granata, Frank Lasch and Alan Carnaby. "The Evolution of Co-opetition in the Waipara Wine Cluster of New Zealand" Wine Economics & Policy Vol. 2 (2013)
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