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An Examination of Information Services and Smartphone Applications
Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality and Tourism
  • Dan Wang, STHM, Temple University
  • Sangwon Park, STHM, Temple University
  • Daniel Fesenmaier, STHM, Temple University
Start Date
7-1-2011 4:00 PM
End Date
7-1-2011 5:15 PM
1. Track 1 – Formal Paper Presentation
Subject Area
Information Technology
Faculty Member
Dr. Daniel Fesenmaier
In recent years, smartphone applications have emerged as a new tool helping travelers create experiences. Considering the potential impact of the smart phones and smart phone apps, it is posited that is extremely important to understand how the mobile applications enable travelers to construct their travel experience. To achieve this goal, the first step is to understand the nature (i.e., number and range of funcations) of apps available for smartphones. Through the content analysis of basic information of iPhone applications, this study identified a wide variety of information services enable smartphones to break the spacious and temporal limitations to facilitate tourists pre-trip, on-the-way, and after trip.
  • mobile phones,
  • applications,
  • information search,
  • tourism,
  • customer reviews
Citation Information
Dan Wang, Sangwon Park and Daniel Fesenmaier. "An Examination of Information Services and Smartphone Applications" (2011)
Available at: