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Application of GPS for Missile Post Flight Guidance Accuracy Analysis
Aerospace Control Systems, 1993. Proceedings. The First IEEE Regional Conference on
  • John J. Dougherty, TRW System Integration Group
  • Daniel J. Simon, Cleveland State University
  • Hossny El-Sherief, TRW System Integration Group
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Conference Proceeding
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The high quality of a GPS-based trajectory reference makes it useful for evaluating the performance of a missile's Interial Navigation System (INS) during a missile flight test. The complexity of the design of the GPS user segment depends on flight test objectives and factors such as the expected satellite/vehicle geometry. Design curves are developed which illustrate the relationship between flight test objectives, the GPS user segment design, and such factors as antenna performance.
Citation Information
J. Dougherty, H. El-Sherief and D. Simon. (1993). Application of GPS for Missile Post Flight Guidance Accuracy Analysis. IEEE Conference on Aerospace Control Systems, 1678-1685, doi: 10.1109/AEROCS.1993.721039.