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Effective Implementation of a Mapping Swarm of Robots
IEEE Potentials
  • Christopher Churavy
  • Maria Baker
  • Samarth Mehta
  • Pradhan I Ishu
  • N. Scheidegger
  • S. Shanfelt
  • R. Rarick
  • Daniel J. Simon, Cleveland State University
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There are several driving factors involved in the development of a robotic swarm. On the hardware side, assembly should be adaptable, easily reproduced, and relatively inexpensive. Motors, mounts, wheels, and chassis material must be chosen as well as appropriate sensors. A workable communication protocol must be determined. Software should be concise and common to each robot in the swarm while meeting the requirements of the desired function.

Citation Information
Churavy, C., Baker, M., Mehta, S., Ishu, P. I., Scheidegger, N., Shanfelt, S., Rarick, R., ... Simon, D. (2008). Effective implementation of a mapping swarm of robots. IEEE Potentials, 27, 4, 28-33.