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Various Forms of Student Engagement and Student Learning
SoTL Commons Conference
  • Dan Richard, University of North Florida
  • Melissa Newberry, University of North Florida

Previous research indicates that student engagement is multi-dimensional. Numerous engaged or active learning strategies (e.g., think-pair-share, problem-based learning, interactive games) emphasize some dimensions of student engagement but not others. The current project assesses the learning impact of a diversity of active learning strategies employing various dimensions of student engagement within three sections of a course in Social Psychology. Direct assessment of student performance on multiple-choice exams as well as indirect assessment of student preferences for learning activities will be addressed. In this session, participants will review original research on student engagement, receive examples of course activities, evaluate these activities on dimensions of engagement, and review the results of a research project that evaluates the effectiveness of these strategies on student learning.

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Dan Richard and Melissa Newberry. "Various Forms of Student Engagement and Student Learning" (2009)
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