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Why Jerusalem? Why not Beijing? Or Washington DC?
Jewish Currents (2017)
  • Dan Brook
GIDEON ARONOFF, the leader of Ameinu, was wise in saying that truth is not always wisdom. Of course Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, as is universally known. What other city would be its capital? But East Jerusalem is also the future capital of Israeli-occupied Palestine, as is perhaps less universally known.

Trump officially declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, given the tense historical, political, and cultural realities, is not wise because it has no realistic upside yet had some very predictable downsides — which quickly became evident with multinational protests and strained alliances.
  • Israel,
  • Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Publication Date
December 12, 2017
Citation Information
Dan Brook. "Why Jerusalem? Why not Beijing? Or Washington DC?" Jewish Currents (2017)
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