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In situ jet-testing of the erosional resistance of cohesive streambeds
Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering
  • Dan H. Shugar, University of Washington Tacoma
  • Ray Kostaschuk
  • Peter Ashmore
  • Joe Desloges
  • Leif Burge
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Fletchers Creek is located in an urbanizing basin near Toronto and has a bed and banks composed primarily of cohesive Halton Till. Critical shear stress and an erodibility coefficient for the till were determined using an in situ jet-tester that directs a submerged jet of water perpendicular to the sediment surface. The results from 10 jet-tests indicate that the till has a relatively low critical shear stress and relatively high erodibility coefficient and could be susceptible to bed scour during flood events. Many other streams in southern Ontario have urbanizing watersheds with cohesive till beds that may also be susceptible to erosion.Key words: critical stress, submerged jet, erodibility, cohesive soils.
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Dan H. Shugar, Ray Kostaschuk, Peter Ashmore, Joe Desloges, et al.. "In situ jet-testing of the erosional resistance of cohesive streambeds" Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering Vol. 34 Iss. 9 (2007) p. 1192 - 1195
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