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Choice situation, strategy, and performance; A reexamination.
Faculty Publications
  • Dan Marlin, University of South Florida St. Petersburg
  • Bruce T. Lamont
  • James J. Hoffman
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Dan Marlin

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This study further examines strategy and performance relationships between and within situations of varying strategic choice and environmental determinism. Contrary to Lawless and Finch's (1989) previous test of Hrebiniak and Joyce's (1985) dynamic, interactive view of organizational adaptation, the results are more in line with the theory. Some discrepancies are found, however, suggesting useful issues and hypotheses for future research.

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Marlin, D., Lamont, B.T. & Hoffman, J.J. (1994). Choice situation, strategy, and performance; A reexamination. Strategic Management Journal, 15, 229-239.