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The Scepticism of Francisco Sanchez
Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie
  • Damian Caluori, Trinity University
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The Renaissance sceptic and medical doctor Francisco Sanchez has been rather unduly neglected in scholarly work on Renaissance scepticism. In this paper I discuss his scepticism against the background of the ancient distinction between Academic and Pyrrhonian scepticism. I argue that Sanchez was a Pyrrhonist rather than, as has been claimed in recent years, a mitigated Academic sceptic. In keeping with this I shall also try to show that Sanchez was crucially influenced by the ancient medical school of empiricism, a school closely allied with Pyrrhonism.
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Damian Caluori. "The Scepticism of Francisco Sanchez" Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie Vol. 89 (2007) p. 30 - 46
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