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America divine: travels in the hidden south
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  • Dallas Angguish
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America Divine is a collection of travel stories set in the Deep South, particularly New Orleans. The stories feature voodoo practitioners, psychics, snake handlers, con-artists, ghosts and boozy Savannah landladies and are "quirky, engaging and often sensual."Angguish looks at the South with an outsiders lens, which is certainly fresh, but also colored by the powerful myths that are associated with the Deep South.Dallas Angguish, who has been described as Truman Capote's literary heir, is the principle character of these stories. His eccentricity and idiosyncratic powers of observation make for a delightful read that is at turns nostalgic, funny, and highly enjoyable.
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Travel writing

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Angguish, D 2011, America Divine: travels in the hidden south, Phosphor Books, Charleston, South Carolina. ISBN: 9781466371408

Dallas Angguish also publishes under the name of Dallas Baker