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Harold Hotelling and the Neoclassical Dream
Economics and Methodology: Crossing Boundaries
  • D. Wade Hands, University of Puget Sound
  • Philip Mirowski
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Book Chapter
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This volume brings economics and methodology closer through a series of six methodological case-studies, each of which is discussed by a practitioner in the relevant field as well as a specialist in methodology. The objective is a better understanding of economics as a scientific discipline and insights into the way methodological discussion can inform practice. Among the topics discussed are: individualism in game theory, the concepts of involuntary unemployment and externalities, free riding as an economic mechanism, the scientific credentials of the debate over stabilization policy, and the construction of the theory of consumer demand.
Citation Information
(with Philip Mirowski) "Harold Hotelling and the Neoclassical Dream" in Economics and Methodology: Crossing Boundaries, R. Backhouse, D. Hausman, U. Mäki, and A. Salanti (eds.), Macmillan and St. Martin’s, 1998, 322-397.