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Cindy's 'Five RITES' for Fostering Student-Driven Civility
Reflections on Nursing Leadership
  • Cynthia Clark, Boise State University
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Some readers may know I am a professor in the School of Nursing at Boise State University. In June 2010, an article I co-authored with one of my nursing students, titled “What students can do to promote civility,” was published in Reflections on Nursing Leadership (RNL) as part of a five-part series on civility. As I mentioned in the first installment of this present series, nursing students are our promise and our hope. They are the Jedi Knights who will lead our noble profession to a bright future where personal and organizational civility reign. To frame this article, I have developed the Five RITES of Civility: Raise awareness and expose effects of incivility. Inspire action and catalyze change. Take responsibility for creating civility. Engage and commit to personal and organizational change. Sustain results and generate more change.
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Cynthia Clark. "Cindy's 'Five RITES' for Fostering Student-Driven Civility" Reflections on Nursing Leadership (2013)
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