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Descriptive Study of Student Incivility in the People's Republic of China
Journal of Cultural Diversity
  • Cynthia Clark, Boise State University
  • Nancy Otterness, Boise State University
  • Wu Ya Jun, Hangzhou Normal University
  • Barbara W. Allerton, Boise State University
  • Cao Mei Juan, Hangzhou Normal University
  • Mikal Black, Boise State University
  • Fu Wei, Hangzhou Normal University
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Disruptive student behavior is an emerging concern in institutions of higher education in the People's Republic of China (PRC). Faculty from a nursing college in the PRC expressed a desire to study the type and frequency of student incivility. Nursing faculty from the United States of America and the PRC collaborated on a study to measure faculty and student perceptions of student incivility in a Chinese nursing college. Student incivility in nursing education is a relatively new field of investigation; however, this preliminary study in the PRC shows it to be a substantial problem that needs to be addressed.
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Cynthia Clark, Nancy Otterness, Wu Ya Jun, Barbara W. Allerton, et al.. "Descriptive Study of Student Incivility in the People's Republic of China" Journal of Cultural Diversity (2010)
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