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Dissolving Legal Barriers
Daily Journal (2019)
  • Curtis E.A. Karnow
Trial judges and appellate justices rarely interact across their courts.  Judges and lawyers have sporadic, desultory contact with each other. There is little communication between law schools and practitioners.  This short two part series urges reducing barriers among those in the legal field—professors, judges and lawyers.  The article also reviews the barriers that separate those of us in the law from the public we are meant to serve, and concludes by noting the importance of providing counsel to those in civil cases who cannot afford counsel.
  • legal community,
  • lawyers,
  • judges,
  • professors,
  • counsel,
  • right to lawyer
Publication Date
February, 2019
Citation Information
Curtis E.A. Karnow. "Dissolving Legal Barriers" Daily Journal Vol. 125 Iss. 34, 35 (2019)
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