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Unpublished Paper
Trials and Tribulations
  • Curtis E.A. Karnow

A collection of practical tips and advice for litigators new to the bar, and for more experienced lawyers wishing to improve the odds of a receptive judge and jury. The advice applies to oral advocacy, trial, trial preparation, and other issues concerning presentation such as interacting with the jury and witnesses, courtroom staff, motions (including in limine motions), handling evidence, simulation and animations. This is the stuff they don’t teach in law school. (Presentation, Bar Assn. Of San Francisco & Barrister's Club, June 2013)

  • litigation,
  • advocay,
  • courtroom,
  • tips for courtroom success,
  • clinical
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Curtis E.A. Karnow. "Trials and Tribulations" (2013)
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