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Single Or Multiple Competitive Strategies For Small Businesses?
Journal of Managerial Issues
  • Charles L. Mulford, Iowa State University
  • Charles B. Shrader, Iowa State University
  • Thomas I. Chacko, Iowa State University
  • Virginia Blackburn, Iowa State University
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This research focuses upon the association between external environments, planning, and the development of competitive strategy in small business firms. The population ecology model l of organizations and their environments emphasizes that only some organizations, e.g., those with the right characteristics, will be selected for survival. While management is not impotent, this model clearly emphasizes ways in which external environments directly influence the fate of organizations (Aldrich, 1979).

This article is from Journal of Managerial Issues 2 (1990): 454. Posted with permission.

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Charles L. Mulford, Charles B. Shrader, Thomas I. Chacko and Virginia Blackburn. "Single Or Multiple Competitive Strategies For Small Businesses?" Journal of Managerial Issues Vol. 2 Iss. 4 (1990) p. 454 - 468
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