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Arizona Public Libraries Serving the Spanish-Speaking: Context for Changes
Reference & User Services Quarterly
  • Denice Adkins, University of Missouri
  • C. Sean Burns, University of Kentucky
Arizona is at the forefront of Latino population growth and political and racial politics. Three different factors could potentially influence the provision of library service to Latinos in the State of Arizona. These are (1) the growth of the Latino community and the consequent growth of its library needs, (2) the growth of state legislation that is hostile to immigrants and Latinos, and (3) the promotion of a pro-immigrant position by the library profession. This paper compares services to the Spanish-speaking in the State of Arizona from 1999 to 2009 in light of conflicting pro- and anti-immigrant sentiments operating in the state during that decade.
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Published in Reference & User Services Quarterly, v. 53, no. 1: 60-70.

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Denice Adkins and C. Sean Burns. "Arizona Public Libraries Serving the Spanish-Speaking: Context for Changes" Reference & User Services Quarterly Vol. 53 Iss. 1 (2013) p. 60 - 70
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