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Supervisor as informal mentor.
The Clinical Supervisor (2007)
  • Crystal Collins-Camargo, University of Louisville
  • Michael J. Kelly, University of Missouri
The available social work literature provides few references to a direct supervisor acting as a mentor to staff. This study, based on interviews with 39 career managers in a public child welfare agency, found that a large number of the managers had served as mentors and been protégés during their careers. Surprisingly, the study found that 92% (N = 36) of the managers reported that they had one or more mentors, and 77% that they had served as a mentor for others. The findings suggest that supervisors do choose to mentor some of their direct reports and that the benefits to the mentor and protégé offer important considerations in the career development of child welfare personnel. Results of the study are reported in detail and implications for practice are drawn from the findings.
  • Mentoring,
  • supervision,
  • child welfare,
  • protégé
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Crystal Collins-Camargo and Michael J. Kelly. "Supervisor as informal mentor." The Clinical Supervisor Vol. 25 Iss. 1-2 (2007) p. 127 - 146 ISSN: 1545-231X
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