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Trends in local public child welfare agencies 1999–2009.
Children and Youth Services Review (2014)
  • Rebecca Wells
  • Mónica Pérez Jolles
  • Emmeline Chuang, University of California - Los Angeles
  • Bowen McBeath, Portland State University
  • Crystal Collins-Camargo, University of Louisville
US public child welfare agencies have faced increasing pressure in the first decade of this century to demonstrate efficiency and accountability, even as the Great Recession increased pressures on millions of families and undermined human service funding. This paper reports on analyses of the two cohorts of local public child welfare agencies from the National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being to identify changes in their structure and practice. Local agency adaptations have included some structural integration and apparently increased use of subcontracting, including investigations. Collectively, these trends appear to be fostering a tighter coupling of local child welfare agencies with other service providers. Some of these connections may improve families' access to a range of services. However, the increased reliance on private providers may also undermine accountability and flexibility to respond to changing needs.
  • Trends,
  • Child welfare agencies,
  • CPS partnerships
Publication Date
March, 2014
Citation Information
Rebecca Wells, Mónica Pérez Jolles, Emmeline Chuang, Bowen McBeath, et al.. "Trends in local public child welfare agencies 1999–2009." Children and Youth Services Review Vol. 38 (2014) p. 93 - 100 ISSN: 0190-7409
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