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glycomic profiling
  • Melissa George
Glycomics refers to the collection, analysis, and exploitation of glycol biological data at the glycome level. The profound biological effect of lipid glycosylation and protein has made glycomics an important field in the life sciences. Global N-glycomic profiling (the comprehensive study of all glycans) is a good complement to genomic and proteomic studies. Glycomics studies in a cell or organism level can be used to provide a general overview on the glycome, the total glycosylation pattern of glycoproteins, lipids, or other types of biomolecules. Glycomic profiling is useful to compare the difference of two glycol-engineered host strains for your therapeutic glycoprotein production or compare different stages of cancers, which could provide new biomarkers.
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Melissa George. "glycomic profiling" (2017)
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