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Translation Frustration: The Delicate Art of Christian Speech
Theology (2013)
  • Craig Hovey, Ashland University

The article compares and reviews two recent books exploring the art of Christian speaking: Stanley Hauerwas’s Learning to Speak Christian (2011) and Marcus J. Borg’s Speaking Christian (2011). I argue that both Borg and Hauerwas seek actively to recover Christian language from idolatry, abuse and misunderstanding. Their books steer a course between a Christian use of words that makes too many concessions to ‘worldly’ usage, on the one hand, and, on the other, a temptation to retreat from the world. I conclude that if a Christian refusal simply to adopt different, untainted vocabulary reflects confidence in what has been received then a willingness to play with new words reflects hope in what is yet to be given and known.

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Craig Hovey. "Translation Frustration: The Delicate Art of Christian Speech" Theology Vol. 116 Iss. 2 (2013)
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