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Multivariate visualization and analysis of photomapped artifact scatters
Journal of Archaeological Science (2006)
  • Nathan M Craig, Pennsylvania State University
  • Aldenderfer Mark, University of Arizona

Simultaneous analysis of relationships between multiple artifact classes is required for characterization of many types of activity areas. This paper illustrates improved forms of multivariate visualization, spatial analysis and integration of experimental results that are possible with GIS based photomapping. Techniques are demonstrated through analysis of a hearth associated artifact scatter exposed during excavations of a Late Archaic pithouse at Jiskairumoko, Peru. A multivariate density raster is created and additive color visualization is used for simultaneous display of three artifact distributions. Performing unconstrained clustering in a GIS, space is classified by simultaneous relative density relationships between multiple object types.

  • GIS,
  • Photomapping,
  • Multivariate density rasters,
  • Unconstrained clustering,
  • Spatial analysis,
  • Experimental archaeology
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Nathan M Craig and Aldenderfer Mark. "Multivariate visualization and analysis of photomapped artifact scatters" Journal of Archaeological Science Vol. 33 (2006)
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