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"Understanding graduate students’ perceptions of statistics"
College of Education Research Symposium
  • Courtney A. McKim, University of Wyoming
  • Suzanne Young, University of Wyoming
  • Jennifer Weatherford, University of Wyoming
ED Annex 308
Start Date
7-3-2014 11:30 AM
End Date
7-3-2014 12:00 PM
The purpose of this study is to understand graduate students’ views of their statistical courses and related anxiety. This study sought to further understand the perceived value of statistics and related anxiety with assessing for social desirability. Overall results reveal that students’ anxiety lowers during the course. Students also viewed statistics as more useful at the end of the course when compared to the beginning.
Citation Information
Courtney A. McKim, Suzanne Young and Jennifer Weatherford. ""Understanding graduate students’ perceptions of statistics"" (2014)
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