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Extending the Concept of Community Interaction to Explore Regional Community Fields
Journal of Rural Social Sciences
  • Courtney G. Flint, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • A. E. Luloff, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Gene L. Theodori, Sam Houston State University

Interactional approaches to community development routinely focus on the community field concept at a local level. This paper expands the field concept to a regional level of analysis. It suggests a regional community field emerges through interactions among communities at a regional scale, particularly in rural areas lacking a dominant metropolitan core. Recent contributions by human geographers highlight the emergent characteristics of regions in contrast to the static, bounded regions conceptualized in the past. Such logic is compatible with community field theory. This paper explores the generalizability of the community field concept and assumptions to larger levels of analysis and highlights potential applications for rural development.

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Courtney G. Flint, A. E. Luloff and Gene L. Theodori. "Extending the Concept of Community Interaction to Explore Regional Community Fields" (2010)
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