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A Review of Western Environmental Sociology and Natrual Resource Sociology
Chinese Journal o Population, Resource and Environment
  • H. Qin
  • Courtney G. Flint
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Environmental sociology and the sociology of natural resources are two key subdisciplines of the sociological study on the interactions between nature and human society. Previous discussion on the relationships of these two fields has largely focused on their distinctions and synthesis in western (particularly American) academia. Environmental sociology emerged as an important sociological subdiscipline in China in the early 1990s and is under vigorous disciplinary construction at present. By contrast, the sociology of natural resources is still a novel term for most Chinese researchers. This article provides a systematic review of recent literature on the relationships between environmental and natural resource sociologies, which should provide important implications for the further development of environmental sociology in China.

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Qin, H. and C.G. Flint. 2009. A review of western environmental sociology and natural resource sociology. Social Sciences Abroad, 2009(2): 4-11 (in Chinese; short version reprinted in China Social Sciences Today 2009(15): 9 and in International Social Science Journal (Chinese Edition) 2009(3): 119-121; fully reprinted in English in Chinese Journal of Population, Resources and Environment 2009 Vol.7 No.4: 25-31).