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Environmental and Social Determinants of Youth Physical Activity Intensity Levels at Neighborhood Parks in Las Vegas, NV
Journal of Community Health (2014)
  • Courtney Coughenour, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Lisa Coker, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Tim J Bungum, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Parks can play an important role in youth activity. This study used observational data to evaluate the relationship of environmental and social determinants to youth physical activity intensity levels in Las Vegas neighborhood parks. System for observing play and leisure activity in youth was used to code activity levels as sedentary, walking, or vigorous in five low-income and five high-income parks. Environmental determinants included amenities, incivilities, size, high-speed streets, sidewalk condition, and temperature. Social determinants included percent minority and Hispanic, gender, and income. A multinomial logistic regression model was performed. We observed 1,421 youth, 59 % male, 41 % female; 21 % were sedentary, 38 % walking, and 41 % vigorous. Males were more likely to be observed walking (OR 1.42) and vigorous (OR 2.21) when compared to sedentary. Highspeed streets (OR 0.76), sidewalks condition (OR 0.34), and low-income neighborhoods (OR 0.07) was associated with decreased odds of vigorous activity; incivilities (OR 1.34) and amenities (OR 1.27) were associated with greater odds of being vigorous. Environmental and social determinants are associated with physical activity intensity levels at parks. Stakeholders should ensure quality parks, as they relate to physical activity levels in youth. Understanding environmental and social determinants that influence physical activity at parks is critical to utilizing their full potential in an effort to combat childhood obesity.

  • Built environment,
  • urban planning,
  • Vigorous,
  • Moderate,
  • Childhood obesity,
  • community design,
  • access,
  • high speed street
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Courtney Coughenour, Lisa Coker and Tim J Bungum. "Environmental and Social Determinants of Youth Physical Activity Intensity Levels at Neighborhood Parks in Las Vegas, NV" Journal of Community Health (2014)
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