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Relationships of Physical Performance Tests to Military-relevant Tasks in Women
US Army Medical Department Journal
  • Tunde K. Szivak
  • William J. Kraemer
  • Bradley C. Nindl
  • Lincoln A. Gotshalk
  • Jeff S. Volek
  • Ana L. Gomez
  • Courtenay Dunn-Lewis, Merrimack College
  • David P. Looney
  • Brett A. Comstock
  • David R. Hooper
  • Shawn D. Flanagan
  • Carl M. Maresh
Document Type
Article - Open Access
US Army Medical Department
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Abstract/ Summary
Purpose: This investigation sought to determine the most predictive measures of performance on a repetitive box lifting task (RBLT) and load bearing task (LBT) among 123 women (aged 23±4 years, height 165±7 cm, body mass 64±10 kg). Methods: To determine the relationship of various predictors to performance on the RBLT and LBT, multiple regression analysis was conducted on body mass, height, leg cross-sectional area, upper and lower body muscular strength, lower body explosive power, upper and lower body local muscular endurance, and aerobic capacity. Results: The mean±SD (range) number of repetitions for the RBLT was 86±23 (20-159). The mean±SD (range) time to complete the LBT was 2,054±340 seconds (1,307-3,447). The following equations were generated: RBLT (number of repetitions)=57.4 + 0.2(peak jump power) + 0.4(number of pushups in 2 minutes) + 0.15(number of repetitions during the squat endurance test) + 1.39(one repetition maximal strength boxlift (kg)) – 0.04(2-mile run time (2MR) in seconds), R=0.81; standard error of the estimate (SEE)=14; LBT (in seconds)=1,831 – 4.28(number of repetitions during the squat endurance test) + 0.95(2MR in seconds) – 13.4(body mass), R=0.73; SEE=232. Conclusions: We found that the 2MR and squat endurance test were signifi cant predictive factors for performance on both load carriage tasks. These data also imply that women’s performance in combat-related tasks can be improved with training that targets muscular strength, power, and local muscular endurance in addition to aerobic capacity.
Citation Information
Tunde K. Szivak, William J. Kraemer, Bradley C. Nindl, Lincoln A. Gotshalk, et al.. "Relationships of Physical Performance Tests to Military-relevant Tasks in Women" US Army Medical Department Journal Vol. 20 Iss. 6 (2013) p. 20 - 23
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