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New Middle East, New Insecurities and the Limits of Liberation Geography
Security Dialogue (2013)
  • Peter J. Burgess
  • Costas M. Constantinou, University of Cyprus
 The recent uprisings in the Middle East have highlighted – once again and in dramatic fashion – the
confluence of understandings of security, representations of danger and practices of legitimation
that shape our variegated geopolitical landscape. The political landscape of the Middle East is
changing, and with it many of the rote certainties about how things are done or ought to be done in
 and with  the region. Local regimes of power can no longer justify to national constituencies and
international audiences the necessity of autocratic rule, states of emergency and suspension of
rights. ‘The West’ confronts the hypocrisies and moral discounts of its own foreign policy choices,
including how its definition of regional security supported the kinds of regimes, policies and
human rights violations that Western states traditionally define themselves against.
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Peter J. Burgess and Costas M. Constantinou. "New Middle East, New Insecurities and the Limits of Liberation Geography" Security Dialogue Vol. 44 Iss. 5-6 (2013)
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