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Comfortable Conflict and (Il)liberal Peace in Cyprus
Hybrid Forms of Peace (2011)
  • Constantinos Adamides
  • Costas M. Constantinou, University of Cyprus
Cypriots currently experience a peculiar conflict while negotiating different understandings of
peace. The conflict today is starkly different to what they experienced in the 1960s and early 70s.
The old enemies and the same rhetoric—and even some of the same politicians—are still around.
But nowadays the Cypriot conflict is more symbolic and ‘civilized’, as a certain kind of peace is
also in place: i.e. absence of violence combined with democracy, partial freedom of movement
and enviable levels of prosperity both north and south of the Buffer Zone. Still, as this peace is
based on forced division, ethnic cleansing and legal exceptionalism, most want, or say they want,
another kind of peace: i.e. a normalization of relations and a form of reunification of the island,
including a bi-communal sharing of power. In other words, they exhibit a desire—in public
discourse at least—to move away from an illiberal peace to a liberal onesomething
that can in effect hybridize peace pursuits as (il)liberal.
Publication Date
Oliver P. Richmond and Audra Mitchell
Palgrave Macmillan
Citation Information
Constantinos Adamides and Costas M. Constantinou. "Comfortable Conflict and (Il)liberal Peace in Cyprus" BasingstokeHybrid Forms of Peace (2011)
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