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On Homo-Diplomacy
Space and Culture (2006)
  • Costas M. Constantinou, University of Cyprus
This article explores alternative cultures of diplomacy that have been neglected in diplomatic studies
and global politics. It is concerned firstly with the human dimension of diplomacy, that is to say,
the interpersonal dealings of the homo sapiens, or the experimental and experiential diplomacy of
everyday life. It is concerned secondly with the spiritual and transformative potential of diplomacy,
a form of diplomacy that engages in heterology to revisit and rearticulate homology, whose mission
is not only, not just, the knowledge and control of the Other but fundamentally the knowledge of
the Self and this knowledge of the Self as a more reflective means of dealing with and transforming
relations with Others. The article examines three specific functions of homo-diplomacy: reverse
accreditation, introspective negotiation, and gnostic discourse.
Publication Date
November, 2006
Citation Information
Costas M. Constantinou. "On Homo-Diplomacy" Space and Culture Vol. 9 Iss. 4 (2006)
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