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About Sheena R. Thomas


Present Faculty Member, Cornell University Law School


Accounting Law, Administrative Law, Admiralty, Agency, Agriculture Law, Air and Space Law, Animal Law, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Banking and Finance Law, Bankruptcy Law, Business Organizations Law, Civil Law, Civil Procedure, Civil Rights and Discrimination, Commercial Law, Common Law, Communications Law, Comparative and Foreign Law, Computer Law, Conflict of Laws, Constitutional Law, Construction Law, Consumer Protection Law, Contracts, Courts, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Disability Law, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration, Education Law, Elder Law, Election Law, Energy and Utilities Law, Entertainment, Arts, and Sports Law, Environmental Law, Estates and Trusts, European Law, Evidence, Family Law, First Amendment, Food and Drug Law, Fourteenth Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Gaming Law, Government Contracts, Health Law and Policy, Housing Law, Human Rights Law, Immigration Law, Indian and Aboriginal Law, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law, International Trade Law, Internet Law, Judges, Jurisdiction, Jurisprudence, Juvenile Law, Labor and Employment Law, Land Use Law, Law and Economics, Law and Gender, Law and Politics, Law and Psychology, Law and Society, Law Enforcement and Corrections, Law of the Sea, Legal Biography, Legal Education, Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Legal History, Legal Profession, Legal Remedies, Legal Writing and Research, Legislation, Litigation, Marketing Law, Medical Jurisprudence, Military, War, and Peace, National Security Law, Natural Resources Law, Oil, Gas, and Mineral Law, Organizations Law, Other Law, President/Executive Department, Privacy Law, Property Law and Real Estate, Public Law and Legal Theory, Religion Law, Retirement Security Law, Rule of Law, Science and Technology Law, Second Amendment, Secured Transactions, Securities Law, Sexuality and the Law, Social Welfare Law, State and Local Government Law, Taxation-Federal, Taxation-Federal Estate and Gift, Taxation-State and Local, Taxation-Transnational, Tax Law, Torts, Transnational Law, Transportation Law, Water Law, and Workers' Compensation Law

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