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Evaluating the impact of bus network planning changes in Sydney, Australia
World Transit Research
  • Corinne Mulley
  • Chinh Ho
Document Type
Journal Article
Publication Date
  • Public transport,
  • Bus network planning evaluation,
  • Bus reform
The paper analyses the impact of the bus reform package implemented in Sydney, Australia from 2005 onwards, focusing on the impact of bus network planning changes. The network planning changes included the concentration of services into corridors, more direct services, and greater network connectivity. Bus supply and patronage data are analysed for the 15 metropolitan bus contract regions in Sydney to test whether network planning changes increased patronage and whether the trade-offs in service planning had greater benefits than losses. Results show that changes in bus boardings are mainly driven by changes in km supplied, and that there are significant differences between the contract regions operated by State Transit Authority and private operators. The network reviews have a significant impact on boardings in several contract regions over and above the additional km supplied. The paper provides input into the policy evaluation surrounding the impact of network planning on supply and demand in the metropolitan area of Sydney.
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Citation Information
Mulley, C., & Ho, C. (2013). Evaluating the impact of bus network planning changes in Sydney, Australia. Transport Policy, Vol. 30, pp. 15-25.